Potato Leek Soup

  This weekend, I was craving a good fall soup.  Now, I’m not usually a soup person – no, usually, I keep a clear distance from soup because the mere mention of it wrinkles my nose.  With fall and winter weather, though, I begin to lust after the hearty stews and soft, creamy soups that instantly warm you.  The fact that I went pumpkin picking and also went wandering around a cornfield and goat farm doesn’t help my fall nostalgia, either.

  When I picked a soup for the weekend, it was a spur of the moment “oh, I need potato leek soup!” kind of decision.  Thankfully I had a boyfriend on hand to help me cook and take pictures of the finished product!



I think next time I might add some bacon, just for that extra flavor kick.  I’m a huge fan of big flavor, and bacon is probably my favorite food, so why not?



I got the recipe from Alton Brown, my all time favorite, and you can find it here.  I didn’t use as many leeks as Alton called for, because I didn’t have a blender big enough or a pan big enough to fit everything.  But it still turned out well!  I also substituted black pepper for white pepper, and I didn’t blend the soup as long as the recipe says (I like my potato leek soup chunky).  


I hope you enjoyed your fall weekend as much as I did!




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