Potato Leek Soup


  This weekend, I was craving a good fall soup.  Now, I’m not usually a soup person – no, usually, I keep a clear distance from soup because the mere mention of it wrinkles my nose.  With fall and winter weather, though, I begin to lust after the hearty stews and soft, creamy soups that instantly warm you.  The fact that I went pumpkin picking and also went wandering around a cornfield and goat farm doesn’t help my fall nostalgia, either.

  When I picked a soup for the weekend, it was a spur of the moment “oh, I need potato leek soup!” kind of decision.  Thankfully I had a boyfriend on hand to help me cook and take pictures of the finished product!



I think next time I might add some bacon, just for that extra flavor kick.  I’m a huge fan of big flavor, and bacon is probably my favorite food, so why not?



I got the recipe from Alton Brown, my all time favorite, and you can find it here.  I didn’t use as many leeks as Alton called for, because I didn’t have a blender big enough or a pan big enough to fit everything.  But it still turned out well!  I also substituted black pepper for white pepper, and I didn’t blend the soup as long as the recipe says (I like my potato leek soup chunky).  


I hope you enjoyed your fall weekend as much as I did!




I dream of cookies and Mozart

This past week I was overwhelmed with my coursework and midterms and the stress of it all was getting me down.  So what better way to make yourself feel happy than to bake cookies?Image(maple and nutmeg cookies)

Firstly, I promise that my pictures won’t always be this bad.  My camera is currently out of commission and my phone camera just had to do.  So even though the pictures do not do them justice, these cookies were delicious!

Image(pumpkin spice cookies)

These pumpkin spice cookies were my favorite, though.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat them all as I pulled them out of the oven because they were for my boyfriend’s parents as a thank-you for letting the fencing team bunk down at their apartment for a weekend.  I hope they enjoyed them as much as I did!


Fall makes me think of everything hearty and spicily scented; I fall in love with the leaves twirling to the ground, the smell of cold weather in the air.  My favorite part about fall, though, is the onset of the true theatre season.  I love having ballets and operas and symphonies to attend, dream-inducing classical music to listen to, and the impending dessert receptions after the shows.  Actually…. I secretly think my favorite part is the dessert receptions, but can you really blame me?  Cheesecake is just so good!  This past Friday, my boyfriend and I went to see Mozart’s Requiem performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony and it was everything I imagined it would be.  I even took the chance to wear one of the two dresses I’ve made so far.  I’ll have to wear it again so that I can take a picture of the back for you, since I really think that is the most beautiful part (it has an open back with a large bow tied across the back of the shoulders).

ImageHave a happy week everyone! And enjoy the weather – the cold can bring so much fun!



The Big Bang

Pittsburgh Gallery Crawl, giant bubbles installation.

Hello world!

So to start things off, I guess I should introduce myself.  My name is Morgan, I’m a college student, and as you might have guessed I love food and clothes!  I’m really excited to finally get back to blogging (I think I still have an extremely angst-ridden and embarrassing middle school blog out there somewhere…) and I hope you’re excited, too.  As of right now, I plan on having this blog be a representation of how awesome life in Pittsburgh can be;  fantastic food, some well-dressed lads and ladies, and of course, the best restaurants and cafes the city has to offer.  This should be oodles of fun 🙂

So by all means, stay tuned!  This should be quite the adventure.